BMW’s new iX2 debuts with dual-motor four-wheel drive/449km range

 Today, BMW’s new pure electric iX2 (codenamed U10 BEV) officially debuted at the 2023 Japan Mobility Exhibition. This car can be regarded as the electric version of the second-generation BMW X2, with a coupe fastback appearance and an increase in size compared to the previous generation. It is reported that the new X2 and iX2 will continue to be put into production at BMW's Regensburg plant in Germany, and will be launched overseas first in March 2024, and then imported into the domestic market. New car knowledge points Dual-motor four-wheel drive, 0 to 100 seconds in 5.6 seconds; The maximum battery life is 449km, equipped with 130kW fast charging; Chassis and suspension significantly upgraded; The body size and space are greatly improved; Intelligent interconnection configurations are more abundant. Diversity drive BMW's new X2 will provide a variety of power sources, including: gasoline (two types), diesel (one type) and pure electric (one type); and will continue to enrich

Toyota's "Pure Electric Land Cruiser" debuts with a length of 5 meters and equipped with 7 seats

 Today, Toyota brought the Land Cruiser Se concept car (Land Cruiser Se) at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (formerly the Tokyo Motor Show). This is the first time the car has met the public. The car is the Toyota brand's first pure electric Land Cruiser, with a length of 5150mm, a width of 1990mm, a height of 1705mm, a wheelbase of 3050mm, and a three-row, seven-seat layout. The Land Cruiser Se concept car has a body length of 5150mm, a width of 1990mm, a height of 1705mm, and a wheelbase of 3050mm; it is a medium to large SUV. Subverting the hardcore design of the traditional land cruiser Although the Land Cruiser Se concept car has the name "Land Cruiser", the design is very different from previous Land Cruiser models. At the same time, in addition to the streaming media exterior rearview mirror on the body, which is a common accessory on concept cars, the Land Cruiser Se concept car also uses a large number of curved and streamlined design elements, such as hidden door h

Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven unveiled, equipped with black technology motor

 Today, at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Innovation Day of the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, the Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven concept car made its official debut in China. The car is designed based on the classic Mercedes-Benz C 111 experimental car and is equipped with modern technologies, including: YASA axial flux motor, high-performance battery, ultimate aerodynamic body, gull-wing doors, virtual reality cockpit, etc. The Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven concept car is equipped with an axial flux motor, which was developed by YASA. Compared with the radial flux motor, it is lighter (the weight of the same power is only 1/3) and more compact (the space is only 1/3). (1/3 of radial flux motors), with higher torque density; at the same time, axial flux motors also have more abundant power reserves, bringing strong and long-lasting power output. British motor manufacturer YASA officially became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz in July 2021. The next generation YASA axial flux mo

Porsche’s new Panamera debuts tonight, equipped with a large passenger screen

 Tonight at 19:45, Porsche's new generation Panamera will officially make its debut. Previously, the official has announced the interior of the new car, which is equipped with a curved instrument panel, a large central control screen and a passenger screen, and has richer technological interconnection functions; at the same time, the new car will provide fuel and plug-in hybrid power. The interior of the new generation Panamera adopts the latest "three-screen" layout, equipped with: 12.6-inch suspended curved digital instrument panel, large-size central control screen, and passenger screen. Among them, the curved digital instrument panel has a built-in five-connected instrument design to continue the brand tradition; the passenger screen can also provide functions such as video playback, and will be adapted to the software according to the Chinese market. At the same time, the multi-function steering wheel integrates physical buttons, maintaining Porsche's sports conc

Smart is a product of iteration and continues to make breakthroughs.

 At the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, smart left the "embrace" of Mercedes-Benz for the first time and stood on the stage of the New Energy Pavilion alone. This time, smart decided not only to focus on genetic inheritance, but also to fully strengthen the "new luxury" attributes. What are Smart's long-term plans and goals in the new energy market, which are ready to fight a tough battle? How is the internationalization going? What kind of brand label does smart want to maintain? Zhang Mingxia, vice president of sales, marketing and after-sales of smart brand global company, gave the answer during the auto show. Natural selection, survival of the fittest "If we look at it from the perspective of 'survival of the fittest', I would like to make a smart interpretation of 'fitness'. The first thing about 'fitness' is to do what suits you, and the second 'fitness' is It is to adapt to the development of the industry.” Following last ye

Xpeng G9 / P7 cars land in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands

  Xpeng said in a statement that the new G9 electric SUV and P7 sports sedan are currently available for pre-order in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. Both models are currently on display at the electronic car expo in Stockholm, Sweden, from February 3 to February 5. Deliveries of the Xpeng P7 will start in June, and the Xpeng G9 from September. Shipments of the Xpeng P7 all-electric sports sedan to Norway will begin in August 2021. The model is undergoing a mid-cycle refresh, and while the exterior remains the same, the automaker says the new Xpeng P7 has longer range, faster charging, and a new interior design. Xpeng G9 is a new all-electric mid-size luxury SUV. It was released in the Chinese market in September last year. There are 6 models, priced at 309,900 to 469,900 yuan, and it has been mass-produced and delivered. As a brand-new pure electric mid-to-large SUV built by Xpeng Motors, the Xpeng G9 is based on the X-EEA 3.0 electrical and electronic architecture

Ideal L7 "Dawn Red" new color first exposure: starting from 52,200 US dollars

  This week, Ideal is about to release the new car L7, and now Ideal has officially announced the new color of the L7 - Dawn Red. This is the first warm-toned car paint launched by Li Auto. Dawn red is different from the traditional bright red, more like orange red. In addition to Dawn Red, Ideal L7 will also provide a special white color.