Toyota's "Pure Electric Land Cruiser" debuts with a length of 5 meters and equipped with 7 seats

 Today, Toyota brought the Land Cruiser Se concept car (Land Cruiser Se) at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (formerly the Tokyo Motor Show). This is the first time the car has met the public. The car is the Toyota brand's first pure electric Land Cruiser, with a length of 5150mm, a width of 1990mm, a height of 1705mm, a wheelbase of 3050mm, and a three-row, seven-seat layout.

The Land Cruiser Se concept car has a body length of 5150mm, a width of 1990mm, a height of 1705mm, and a wheelbase of 3050mm; it is a medium to large SUV.

Subverting the hardcore design of the traditional land cruiser

Although the Land Cruiser Se concept car has the name "Land Cruiser", the design is very different from previous Land Cruiser models.

At the same time, in addition to the streaming media exterior rearview mirror on the body, which is a common accessory on concept cars, the Land Cruiser Se concept car also uses a large number of curved and streamlined design elements, such as hidden door handles, smooth body, The sloping A and D pillars, as well as the closed front face, etc., make this car completely irrelevant to "hardcore off-road". The overall feeling is more like a product that is biased towards highway driving but has light to moderate off-road capabilities.

In addition, the car adopts a suspended roof design, paired with thick wheel eyebrows, large-size rims and a straight and strong waistline, which also adds to the sporty feel of the car.

In terms of the design of the light set, the front light set of the car uses special-shaped headlights, with through-type light strips and a front grille with the "TOYOTA" Toyota brand letter logo; while the rear taillights adopt a through-type design, with distinct and distinct combinations. The simple tailgate shape combines dynamics and functionality.


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