Porsche’s new Panamera debuts tonight, equipped with a large passenger screen

 Tonight at 19:45, Porsche's new generation Panamera will officially make its debut. Previously, the official has announced the interior of the new car, which is equipped with a curved instrument panel, a large central control screen and a passenger screen, and has richer technological interconnection functions; at the same time, the new car will provide fuel and plug-in hybrid power.

The interior of the new generation Panamera adopts the latest "three-screen" layout, equipped with: 12.6-inch suspended curved digital instrument panel, large-size central control screen, and passenger screen.

Among them, the curved digital instrument panel has a built-in five-connected instrument design to continue the brand tradition; the passenger screen can also provide functions such as video playback, and will be adapted to the software according to the Chinese market.

At the same time, the multi-function steering wheel integrates physical buttons, maintaining Porsche's sports concept; the button-type electronic gear lever is arranged on the left side of the central control screen; the semi-hidden air-conditioning outlet and the central control touch panel are integrated; above the center console The center is still equipped with Porsche’s classic round clock.

In addition, the seat padding of the new car has been optimized and the comfort has been upgraded; the executive extended version will also be equipped with a new rear seat system that provides adjustments such as seat angle. It is worth mentioning that the new car will provide a variety of personalized customization options, such as leather-free configurations provided by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.

The official appearance of the new generation Panamera was leaked in advance on November 23. The overall outline still retains the classic elements of previous models, and has been further adjusted in details; including: a new style of headlight group, a new shape of the front apron, etc., and the overall visual effect is more aggressive.

The new-generation Panamera will be available in a variety of fuel and plug-in hybrid power specifications; among them, the E-Hybrid version will be upgraded with a more powerful motor and a larger-capacity battery to improve battery life and performance. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with a new dual-chamber air suspension system.


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